meander: to slowly wander without a particular direction or purpose in mind



Kate Rose Willink is an artist and designer living in Tucson, Arizona. She received her BFA in Fine Art and BA in Graphic Design from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Her heritage and spiritual connection with nature has led her around the world, soaking in the landscapes of her travels that inspire her work. Kate’s work is a calling for inner reflection, awakened by the enchantment of nature’s powerful influence on human existence. She works primarily with paint with mixed materials and is known for her manipulation of texture. Creating windows into a serene subconsciousness, her work evokes dreamlike reminiscence through layers, texture, and gestural marks. 


I cherish the quiet, reflective moments found in the folds of our lives, almost undetected as we hurry through. These moments hold the utmost sincerity in our personal thoughts and I am endlessly intrigued by this state of mind. In our natural environment I find a commanding sense of peace and renewal absent from the everyday. My intention is to bring about one of these subtle, thoughtful pauses to experience this sensibility for landscape and nature.

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